NCC asks Canadians for 17 big ideas to build an inspiring capital


As Canadians get ready for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations, the National Capital Commission (NCC) is preparing the Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067, the signature planning framework that will shape the vision for the nation’s capital until Canada’s bicentennial in 2067.

The NCC is asking Canadians to submit their big idea to help identify 17 major milestone projects that will transform the Capital region over the next 50 years. These signature projects will be included in the Plan for Canada’s Capital, which will be launched in 2017.


The milestone projects will span multiple political and economic cycles, and are meant to ensure that the nature and character of the seat of the Government of Canada continues to reflect the country throughout the 21st century.

The Plan for Canada’s Capital builds on a 115-year legacy of Capital planning in the region. It has benefited from extensive nationwide consultations led by the NCC in recent years. Three main themes for the plan emerged from these consultations—that we build a capital that is

  • meaningful and symbolic
  • picturesque and natural
  • thriving and connected

Canadians are encouraged to share their big idea for the 17 major milestone projects on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #Capital2067 or visit


The Plan for Canada’s Capital


The 2017 to 2067 Plan for Canada’s Capital will


  • outline the vision for the use of federal lands, buildings, parks, transportation facilities and symbolic spaces in the Capital;
  • ensure that the Capital continues to be nationally significant and supportive of federal institutions;
  • identify the strategic principles and key projects in the Capital that will reflect our growth as a nation, build a lasting legacy for future generations, and serve as a platform for Canada’s influence in the world.

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