More about that 14-year-old’s pirate radio station


Did you read the story in the Ottawa Citizen today about the 14-year-old who’s running an unlicensed radio station? Milkman Unlimited digs up some more info about the station, Jayhead Saddé (the kid who runs it), and his dad. Here’s a bit of info:

Saadé was even bold enough to set up request lines including numbers in the UK, USA, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. He’s also broadcasting on-line (he’s had several websites as he’s changed frequencies numerous times) billing his Ottawa based operation as “USA’s #1 Music Station.” He and his friends could even be heard taking calls and playing requests at various times.

Interesting to note a website (Webmaster Jayhaed Saade) for the Saadé International Centre; a building purported to be located at 2710 Walkley Rd. in Ottawa’s south/east end. No such building exists, although there is a sign on that lot announcing that the building is coming soon… Meanwhile, the building’s website … lists one of it’s tenants as “106.5 Mix Fm.” No Ottawa station exists on that frequency, but it is one of several spots on the dial “MIX FM” has tried to use.

Saadé received a visit from Industry Canada earlier this week, complete with a cease and desist order, which appears to have been ignored. At 2:31pm December 2nd, the station signed back on, and as of 4:23pm December 3rd, was still broadcasting at 91.9 FM.

His father, a former candidate for mayor in 2000, tells the Ottawa Citizen that he believes regulators should be encouraging his son’s operation instead of trying to shut it down.

For a head shaking read, Jayhaed Saadé continues a defiant blog battle (posting as MIX FM) with posters on’s discussion group.

Read more from Milkman Unlimited…

More: Apparantly this is Jayhead’s web site and Twitter account.

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Since this family has no regard for the laws and regulations that we all abide by, I say shut him down,, fines etc. I am curious where a 14 year old boy gets that kind of money to buy this electronics. Must be a spoiled brat….

  2. gordon says:

    Apparently it was an inheritance from a grandparent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Grandpa must be rolling in his grave.

  4. gordon says:

    Probably. And according to yesterday's Ottawa Sun, Daddy has changed his tune and says he's told his son to turn it off, but the son is ignoring him, too. And Industry Canada has again told him to cease and desist.

  5. lilbitmore says:

    Well the kid could be doing worse…drugs ,ect. I do however think new commers in Canada get away with too much and should be sent back immediately!!!All they have to say is, "don't know don't know…".It would stop the over crowding in jails : ).. We can not even say merry Christmas anymore!!!

  6. squith says:

    I would like you to consider precisely why some stations have a bed of music in the national and local news every time they are issued. Note that I say that is an element of good or bad programming. I wonder why it is done.<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Dubturbo</a>

  7. AS such it is against the law, but looking at that boy and the success of radio station, I think they should be given permission to run the radio station.

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