MEGAPHONO music showcase festival aims to raise profile of Ottawa’s rich music scene


A brand new music showcase festival entitled MEGAPHONO is launching in Ottawa this February, focused on shining a light on the region’s musical talent, and growing new opportunities for Ottawa’s music scene.

“It’s an exciting time for music in Ottawa with new sounds, new scenes and new audiences,” says founder Jon Bartlett, also of Kelp Records. “And wherever there is music, there is community, culture and collaboration.”

MEGAPHONO is welcoming music industry professionals from Canada, the U.S and abroad for three days of music showcases, panels and meetings. The event will focus on showcasing 30+ artists from the Ottawa/Gatineau and Eastern Ontario regions to highlight the depth of our city’s musical acts, and help connect these artists to tangible opportunities outside of Ottawa’s borders.

“We know that music is a catalyst for growth within the city and that our music also travels, taking Ottawa’s sounds and stories to the world,” added MEGAPHONO’s Lesley Marshall, “We want to spread the word about Ottawa music by bringing people here to witness it firsthand.”

The showcase event is tiered to cater to all the artists along the continuum, whether they are starting out or about to become a household name. It is also a celebration of all that Ottawa has accomplished on the national and international stage with respect to musical talent and production.

MEGAPHONO will create a unique and authentic experience for delegates and the general public, celebrating Ottawa’s small town feel: exploring our city’s neighbourhoods, sampling our food and drink and skating on the canal. This will all help spread the word about what many Ottawans have known for years: this city’s music scene is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

On top of panels with industry leaders and one-on-one networking with out-of-town music delegates, live venues will include a range of Ottawa-area locations including the Diefenbunker, St. Alban’s Church and House of Targ, along with a wide palette of musical genres. MEGAPHONO is accepting artist submissions until December 15, 2014.

For more information, please visit


• 40 artists

• 15 venues

·         100+ music industry professionals

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Jon Bartlett or Lesley Marshall





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