KISS 105.3 brings Love to Ottawa with new morning show


Less than two weeks after parting ways with Carter Brown, KiSS 105.3 in Ottawa is about to add a new voice into their morning show.

More uniquely, KiSS will also be adding a new voice to the one they already have on the afternoon show.

Robbin Reay, who currently works in London, Ontario will join Ryan Lindsay from 2-7 p.m. on the drive home, according to a source within the station.

The new afternoon show starts on March 5, which also co-incides with the beginning of the eight week spring ratings period.

There has not been an afternoon radio tandem since LiVE 88.5’s Jen Traplin worked with The Edge over a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Sandra Plagakis, who has been working without Brown since early January, will team up with Chris Love.

Love, one of the top announcers in Edmonton, comes east to KiSS Ottawa from 102.3 NOW.

The new morning show begins on Monday, Feb. 5.

Mike Carroccetto

Mike Carroccetto aka @wildfiremike is an Ottawa freelance photographer.


28 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    Did KISS do poorly in the fall ratings. I always thought the Sandra Carter show was one of the best in Ottawa for the AC format.😄😄

  2. Nicole says:

    Did I miss something?? Where did Carter Go?

  3. Stephen says:

    I agree. I am confused about what happened to Carter Brown? I thought the dynamic between he and Sandra worked well on air. I thought he might be on leave and coming back as lately i have been considering changing stations. I find suffering through the Ryan Lindsey show in the afternoon sometimes difficult but Carter and Sandra kept me dialed in.

  4. Cheryl McDowall says:

    In my opinion, KISS was the best morning music radio show because of the Carter and Sandra show. That’s why I listened to it in the morning. You can’t replace Carter.

  5. H says:

    I wish Carter would have had the chance to say goodbye. I loved him & Sandra together.
    I wonder if he will show up on another station.

  6. Shervin says:

    That’s not fair to replace Carter with no explanation. I will change station!

    • Lyndar says:

      I was so happy to find a radio station I loved to listen to when I moved from Kingston to Ottawa, almost 10 years ago. Sandra and Carter could always brighten my morning. I will miss Carter – I am really disappointed that I have had to search to find out where Carter went. I was worried he was ill. I might have to find a new station as well.

      • Dianne says:

        I agree. I thought he may have been off ill as well. Very disappointed he is gone. Loved both Carter and Sandra, but in my opinion Carter really was the one who carried the show. He was so good with the callers, and kept Sandra on track. Together they were fantastic. It now sounds like I’m listening to College radio. I keep turning the dial to find something that I like, but can’t find anything. Started watching TV in the mornings while getting ready. I wish I knew what the real reason for Carter leaving; he is such a great guy.

      • Angie says:

        I moved from Barrie about 7 years ago and loved tuning in to hear Carter and Sandra. I have been tuning out lately but I’ll give the new duo a chance but I think Carter should have been able to say goodbye to his fans!
        Ticked off!

  7. Sue says:

    What the hell? Come on journalists… do your job. What happened? Carter was the BEST! I’ve stopped listening to Kiss

  8. Angie says:

    I have been tuning out lately but I’ll give the new duo a chance. I think Carter should have been able to say goodbye to his fans who he seemed to really care about…especially Crazy Lady! Very disappointed!

  9. Allan says:

    Bring back Carter. I will no listen to your radio station

  10. Linda McGregor says:

    WTF Carter is gone, best , CBC radio here I come!!

  11. Linda McGregor says:

    oops, best announcer ever, great chemistry with Sandra ….again CBC here
    I come!!!!

  12. Catharine says:

    I had to search to find out what happened to Carter on the morning show. Sandra & Carter they had such great chemistry together. I changed stations to listen to the them…looks like I’ll change stations again. Didn’t have chance to say goodbye to Carter. Carter you’re cool & smooth! Good luck in new venture.

  13. eric says:

    That is terrible. Carter is the best, and the chemistry with Sandra cannot be replaced. I followed them when they moved to Kiss, I will follow them at any radio station.

  14. Karen says:

    I am sad to see Carter go! The morning show is the only reason I stay with Kiss. I am willing to give Chris a chance but I didn’t hear the bizz this morning. Is that gone too?

  15. Mariette says:

    Carter was the reason I listened to Kiss. Not liking the new combo and will change stations if they can’t even let us know the reason for this change.
    Miss you Carter!

  16. Francoise says:

    Don’t understand what happened. No explanation to listener’s. Carter and Sandra had great chemistry. That chemistry made me laugh out loud while listening to them on my morning commute.

  17. Tony says:

    Carter is the best! Always listen to them when I lived in Ottawa until August 2017, moved to Sudbury for work and the kiss DJs in Sudbury was no Carter & Sandra! They are boring! I just wish someone can tell where Carter is moving & I would rather listen to him on an app! I miss you Carter Brown!

  18. Rach says:

    Bring back Carter !!
    I also switch radio station to listen to Kevin and Sandra they always made me laugh and smile on my way to work! This feels like a divorce with no explanation! I’m heart broken!!!

  19. PWB says:

    I also miss Carter. The new duo is just not connecting. I have stopped listening and changed stations. I gave it a shot for a few weeks but can’t tolerate the tone of the new co-host or the lack of commeraderie they have. I hope to find Carter on another station sometime.

  20. Jay says:

    I’ll switch my radio station now that he’s gone

  21. Kathy says:

    I always enjoyed the Sandra and Carter morning show. They always made my mornings. The chemistry they had was amazing. I tried to give Sandra and Chris a chance but I end up changing the station. Chris is always speaking over Sandra so can’t understand what either one is saying. Too bad because sometimes status quo is the way to go.

  22. HB says:

    I really really gave it a good try, but I can’t stand the new show. There is no camaraderie, the content is boring. I don’t like Chris’s voice at all and he seems so hyper. I sure miss Carter. I have changed stations.

  23. Cara says:

    I live south of the border in Northern New York and loved listening to the Carter and Sandra show….. made me laugh every morning on the way to work…. very sad he is gone and I will miss listening to him…. not sure I will tune in anymore without Carter 🙁

  24. Morgan says:

    Carter gone???. Well bye bye Kiss!

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