Invest Ottawa launches “Why Ottawa” campaign


  • Ottawa has the county’s most educated workforce.
  • The combined area of Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver, can all fit inside
  • Ottawa voted most sustainable city in
  • Ottawa has 2nd highest concentration of scientists and engineers in North
  • Ottawa sees 2084 hours of sunshine a
  • Ottawa is home to largest racetrack in Canada at 05 km.

And there is much, much, more….

Invest Ottawa has meticulously aggregated more than 65 incredible facts about the Nation’s Capital. They’ve been married with rich visuals to create a powerful presentation that everyone can use.

Cities across the globe are in a race to recruit the best talent and the best companies to their regions. Every year, Invest Ottawa spends time on the road sharing the city’s story. Why Ottawa is a great place to start and grow a business; why it’s a prime location for top talent to work, play and grow.

Ottawans understand how great this city is but may only have snapshots of the entire picture. The Why Ottawa story will empower business leaders & ambassadors across the city to deliver the same key messages on Ottawa’s value proposition to international partners and clients.

As co-chair of Invest Ottawa’s Board of Directors, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has participated in the evolution of the Why Ottawa messaging, “This presentation clearly explains why Ottawa is the best place in the country for people to work, play and grow,” said Mayor Watson, “and why we are the perfect home to start and grow a business.” The Mayor has delivered the presentation on numerous occasions, even while overseas in China.

Bruce Lazenby, President and CEO of Invest Ottawa, explains “It took us almost two years to gather all this data into one spot so that every person in Ottawa can tell our great story and so we are all singing from the same song sheet.”

The Why Ottawa story has also received strong support from business leaders. Recently crowned CEO of the year, Tobi Lutke of Shopify says “This presentation highlights the reasons Ottawa is a wonderful place to build great companies.”

The presentation is available for download at Business leaders and key stakeholders are invited to use the presentation when selling their expertise abroad.

There is also a You Tube version (and a tutorial on how to give the presentation yourself). Cette présentation est actuellement disponible seulement en anglais. Une version française sera disponible bientôt.

Invest Ottawa is challenging each person in Ottawa to share it just once over social media; highlighting one thing that surprised them in this presentation.

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