How a Gatineau guy gave away a bag of nearly-expired hot dog rolls on Kijiji


Oh internet, what would we ever do without you?

Earlier today I saw an unusual ad on Kijiji. A guy in Gatineau was trying to get rid of 48 hot dog buns:

“I have 2 unopened bags of 24 hot dog rolls (for toasting, not steaming) that will expire today and tomorrow (August 14th, August 15th). They can be frozen or they can last at least an extra week if left in the fridge. These were bought yesterday so they’re not old or anything… You can take all 48 or just 24. Bread only, no sausage…”

I had to know more, so I emailed the seller.  Why was he selling these buns?  And did he get any takers?  He wrote me back shortly after 4pm:

“They’re perfectly good so hopefully someone will take them. I bought them yesterday at Costco for a barbecue so they’re not old, they just don’t last very long.”

Just before 7pm, he sent me another email.  He said that he had a few joke inquiries, but then found a taker.

“(A) gentleman said he was interested and 20 minutes later was at my door. He inspected both bags and decided to take the one that expires tomorrow. He did not say thank you but he insisted that he will freeze the leftovers tomorrow.”

So as of Sunday evening there are still two dozen rolls available. Here’s the ad. Bread only, no sausage…

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Glen Gower

Glen is the owner and founder of He lives in Stittsville, one of Ottawa's most exciting suburbs.


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  1. Excellent post. Just a shame the guy didn't say thank you.

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