Harvest Table Luncheon at Lansdowne Park


Hosting its fifth annual Harvest Table on Sunday, August 30th in the beautifully renovated Horticulture building at the new Lansdowne Park, Savour Ottawa couldn’t be more pleased in regards the success of this annual event – as it typically sells as out very fast and for good reason. Spoiling us with their riches, the Harvest Table is a collaboration of efforts between Savour Ottawa, local farmers & producers alongside with some of Ottawa’s talented chefs as they give back to the Ottawa community. Giving back in form of a beautiful multi-course epicure luncheon prepared by local chefs using local ingredients…just a stone’s throw from the Farmer’s Market at Lansdowne Park. For full details regarding this eventy and other interesting culinary and libation events and tidbits, please refer to my blog (www.thefoodtease.com) Till then…Bon Appetit!

The Food Tease

My goal with my blog is to introduce you to restaurants, eateries and culinary events local and international that may tickle your fancy as they have for me. I figure who better to open your senses to mouth watering teases than someone who is brazenly unfiltered and unapologetic about it…Say hello to the ultimate Food Tease!


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