Glebe Parking Garage construction is under way


Construction is underway on the Glebe Parking Garage at the corner of Bank Street and Second Avenue.


The garage is being built on the site of a municipal parking lot that has 50 spaces. The garage will open in November 2015 with 150 spaces.


The lot is closed until construction is complete, with the exception of a small section reserved for monthly pass holders until the end of February. Alternate parking can be found at Fifth Avenue Court, Lansdowne Park and various on street locations throughout the Glebe, specifically north of Third Avenue.


Businesses remain open as usual.


Preliminary work began on January 19 but construction begins in earnest this week. Neighbours can expect to hear more noise and see more debris around the site during this phase of construction which will continue until mid-March.


The City of Ottawa and the contractor will do everything they can to minimize noise and dust. The support and patience of Glebe residents during construction is appreciated.


Throughout construction, the City is committed to keeping residents informed with updates on progress and timelines every one to two weeks, depending on the level of activity on the site.

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