Fake Friday: Westboro Parents Concerned Over Safety Of Fall Leaves


Ottawa- Parents in the Westboro/Wellington West neighbourhoods are voicing some concerns over the safety of the city’s tree leaves that have changed colour and fallen to the ground this autumn season.

The various multi-coloured leaves strewn over lawns, parks and sidewalks have raised concerns with some parents whose children may frolic in the neighbourhood leaves, leading to possible injury, or worse, unbridled fun. “My little Jadix-Heath was running through a pile of leaves and I screamed for her to get out of them,” Anne Glosson-Llewelyn, a worried Westboro mother, remarked.

“They could possibly cause an allergic reaction, a cut or even a tumble.” Glosson-Llewelyn replied. She joins a group of other concerned parents who want the city to remove all the leaves as quickly as possible before serious injuries occur.

“We need the city to get in to our parks and collect and dispose of these dangerous objects before our innocent children suffer the consequences,” Pamela Handmere explained, Co-Vice President of W.I.M.P (Westboro Involved Monitoring Parents)

Handmere along with the other concerned parents are afraid the loosely fallen autumn leaves may cause injury to unsuspecting children in the neighbourhood and have formed a website to better help parents prepare for the dangers of leaf piles, blowing leaves and falling leaves.

Handmere advises parents to dress their children in protective goggles, safety vests and helmets to guard them from errant leaves which may cause an allergic reaction or mental trauma. “The leaves may look pretty but could lead to something tragic, which we think could be avoided and remedied by the city cleaning up these rogue leaves.” Handmere commented.

Concerned parents are encouraged to review www.westendleafdangers.com for further information on this sometimes overlooked autumn threat.

This article was original published on the-o-dot and is re-published here with permission.

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2 Responses

  1. Danno says:

    These people need to grow up and get a life! Children have been playing in the leaves for <b>thousands</b> of years, and always will. This kind of stupidity has taken the slides and swings out of parks, next they&#39;ll be wanting to astroturf everything so the kids can&#39;t pick up anything from the dirty ground. This is another fine example of the stupidity of the human race, it&#39;s a wonder

  2. Anonymous says:

    Danno, you do realize this was written tongue-in-cheek? It is a farce. Sense of humour, anyone?

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