Fake Friday: New Sens Jersey Has Retro “Cosby” Theme


Ottawa – Recent leaked photos of the new Ottawa Senators jersey shows a vibrant “Cosby Show” look to the design, implementing a retro 1990’s sweater theme that heralds back to a time when the Ottawa Senators first took to the ice in 1991.

A popular TV show during that period, the newly formed Ottawa Senators joined the NHL at the same time in 1991. The new jerseys display a multi-coloured look with a throw back to early 1990’s fashion. A stylized “O” in the middle of the new sweater is a tribute to the original Senators franchise, which was one of the founding clubs in the National Hockey League when it was formed in 1917.

The new sweater bears a striking resemblance to the sweaters made famous by Bill Cosby who wore similarly styled sweaters on his hit TV show which was broadcast from 1984 to 1992, the latter part being a period when the Senators first took to the ice.

 “While we are very disappointed to have our new jersey revealed in this manner, we are pleased to see the early comments from fans are extremely positive,” exclaimed Jeff Kyle, the Senators vice-president of marketing. “We feel the retro 1990’s Cosby sweater theme will tie in nicely with our 20th anniversary celebrations this season.” Kyle announced.

“We believe that this jersey will be a top seller in the National Hockey League this season, especially as fans learn the story behind how it was designed.”

 Kyle is keeping many other details secret until the official jersey launch Oct. 1, however he did elaborate on the unique design of the Cosby themed jerseys.

“We wanted fans to feel a connection to that time period in 1991 when the Sens first took to the ice here in Ottawa, and what better way to do that than utilize the sweaters made famous by “The Cosby Show”, the hit TV show of that era.” Kyle explained.
 “We look forward to promoting the new Cosby jersey and think fans, both young and old, will appreciate the design that incorporates elements of the early Senators team into what we feel will become a truly iconic symbol of Senators hockey,” Kyle remarked.

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