Fake Friday: Archaeologists Unearth 9,000 Year Old Baby Stroller In West Wellington Village


Wellington West – A dramatic discovery was made earlier this week when archaeologists uncovered an almost perfectly preserved 9,000 year old baby stroller in a condo development construction site near Harmer Ave.

The discovery of the primitive Neolithic stroller is in keeping with the area’s rich, baby-centric reputation, and furthers the concept that not much has changed in the area over the last 9,000 years.

Making the archeological find was Professor Glenn Holgenfrod from the University of Ottawa’s palaeontology department. Holgenfrod hails the discovery as “remarkable” and is excited to learn more about the stroller which is apparently made out of wood and clay.

“The stroller was obviously a part of a Neanderthal family living in the Wellington West area over 9,000 years ago.” remarked Holgenfrod.

“Its three wheel design for pushing a baby Neanderthal around the area illustrates how things don’t change much in this neighbourhood throughout history,” Holgenfrod explained.

Researchers and fellow archaeologists also discovered a variety of other Neanderthal family items at the dig site including a coffee cup made of clay, a hemp mat, and tea leaves.

“This site has tremendous historical value in that it shows how families have not evolved that differently over the course of thousands of years.” said Holgenfrod. “We will continue our investigation and see what other items we can uncover that may link our past to the present.”

The discovery of the stroller happened in an on-going condo-development near Harmer Ave. where a small home had previously stood, but has since been torn down. Construction on a 345 unit 24 story condo building has been planned once the Heritage Conservation dig concludes its research later this year.

This article originally appeared on the-o-dot and is republished here.

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