Fake Friday: 90 Year Old Bellhop Returned To Chateau Laurier After Being Stolen In 1937


Ottawa – A recent request by the historic Fairmont Chateau Laurier for past guests to return items that may have been lifted from the hotel during its 100 years of operation have produced some interesting results as noted by Hotel Manager Judy Deroches. With the 100 year anniversary of the Chateau Laurier approaching this April, Deroches put out a public request for items that were “borrowed” from the hotel during the last 100 years so the hotel can comprise a display of artifacts showcasing the varied history of the hotel. Of particular interest was the return of 90 year old Chester “Chetty” Gorman who was returned to the hotel earlier this week in fair to good condition. Along with the myriad of cutlery, menus, key fobs and other ephemera, Chetty was returned to the hotel in good spirits and looks forward to returning to work at the hotel as a bellhop for the centennial celebrations.

Chester Gorman, or “Chetty” as he was called back in 1937, was stolen from the Chateau Laurier by a gang of rambunctious freshman from the University of Ottawa’s Polo Team during an awards ceremony at the hotel in June of 1937. Chetty remembers having a sack being pulled over his head and being taken to a remote location near Merrickville where he remained until this week when he was anonymously returned to the hotel during their “amnesty on stolen goods”. Chetty hopes to return to work as a bellhop at the historical hotel this summer when the hotel celebrates its 100 years of operation.

When Chetty was tossed out of a moving minivan onto the front step of the hotel earlier this week, he was relieved to be back at his old place of employment, and expressed gratitude towards his return. “All these years of living in a barn, I never thought I’d have the chance to carry bags again.” Chetty remarked before being processed with other returned memorabilia for the 100 year anniversary. In good health, Chetty was greeted by hotel manager Deroches where he will be catalogued and put on display with the other items recently returned to the hotel. “We are elated to have Chetty back with us, and he will be an integral part of our nostalgic display in June when we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the hotel.” remarked Deroches.

Patrons of the Chateau are asked to come forward with any other items that may have come into their possession from the hotel from its opening in 1912 and contribute to the display which will be open to the public in June.

This article originally appeared on the-o-dot blog, and is republished here with very kind permission of the author.

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