The Longest Distance – Venezuela | Latin American Film Festival


Date(s) - Friday, April 28
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Carleton University, River Building Theatre

La distancia más larga (The Longest Distance)

dir. Claudia Pinto Emperador

Venezuela, 2013, 103 minutes

Spanish, with English sub-titles


21st Latin American Film Festival

River Building Theatre, Carleton University

Friday, April 28, 2017, 7:00 pm


Still struggling to come to terms with his mother’s murder, 12-year-old Lucas secretly sets out on a journey that his mother had planned before her death. She had intended to return to her family’s long-vacant summer home in Venezuela’s Gran Sabana region to meet her own estranged mother. During his travels, Lucas meets up with Kayemo, a young man with a money problem and a gun, who reluctantly agrees to accompany him to his destination.


Martina, who has no idea of Lucas’ plans, continues her preparations. She is determined to climb Roraima, one of the oldest mountains on earth, to die where her husband disappeared many years ago. The two odysseys intersect around unresolved issues of blame and regret. Just as Lucas’ mother once held Martina responsible for her father’s death, so Lucas believes his father partly to blame for his mother’s murder. Compelling.


“Well-drawn characters, engaging performances and a convincingly rooted storyline distinguish Claudia Pinto Emperador’s accomplished debut ” – Ronnie Scheib (Variety)


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