Safe Low Limit


Safe Low Limit

Date(s) - Friday, October 13
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

La Nouvelle Scène

Ottawa based Safe Low Limit is a new jazz oriented group made of instruments pitched in the bass clef. This eclectic lineup of tuba, trombone, cello and drums creates a unique sound and performs a variety of original compositions, obscure standards and funk hits in a wide variety of jazz and pop styles, leaving the audience wondering what the heck will they do next!

Safe Low Limit’s virtuoso tuba player, Dr. Keith Hartshorn-Walton, is equally impressive pumping out walking bass lines or playing be-bop heads and improvising. Trombonist Steve Berndt uses electronic effects to enhance his sound and also provides vocals. Cellist Ken Kanwisher trades bass lines and solos with the band. Drummer Michel Delage has an innovative style and has become a top call on the Ottawa jazz scene.

Since their first concert in May performed at the bottom of a drained swimming pool in Vanier, the band has been writing, rehearsing and getting ready for this show at La Nouvelle Scene!


Tickets $25 available at:

Facebook Event Page:

Pool Concert Article CBC

Pool Concert Article with video: OttawaJazzScene


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