Odyssey Theatre presents Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia


Odyssey Theatre presents Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia

Date(s) - Tuesday, August 21 - Wednesday, August 22
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Stratcona Park

Don’t miss Odyssey Theatre’s 33rd season of Theatre Under the Stars, featuring Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia: Apocalyptus Interruptus, a world premiere of award-winning playwright David S. Craig’s new comedy. The play, which runs from July 26-August 26, 2018, is set 100 years in the future, and climate change has made the world inhospitable. The rising oceans are acidic, the air is toxic, and the plants and animals are dying.

But, for the people of the future, it is easy to dismiss all of this as “just the weather.” Easy, that is, until an ancient goddess named Gaia appears and threatens to destroy all humanity unless they promise to take better care of the planet. The women agree, the men refuse, and a hilarious battle of the sexes ensues.

The play is inspired by the one of the earliest Western comedies, the Ancient Greek classic Lysistrata by Aristophanes, in which Athenian women go on a sex strike to stop a war. In Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia, the women strike to save the planet.

What ensues is the world’s first eco-sex-comedy that brings together past and future to make for an entertaining evening under the stars by the banks of the Rideau River in Ottawa’s Strathcona Park.

Early bird pricing is available before July 2nd, 2018!  Call 613-232-8407 or visit www.odysseytheatre.ca

Note: due to some suggestive elements, this play is suggested for ages 12 and up.


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