Josée Desjardins: My Mother’s Dress and My Father’s Pipes 


Josée Desjardins: My Mother’s Dress and My Father’s Pipes 

Date(s) - Monday, April 23
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

L.A. Pai Gallery

Jeweller of the interstitial, Josée Desjardins explores the intimate connection between humans and their sociocultural and geographical environment. Specifically, she casts her glance upon the empty spaces between the seen and the unseen, between the present and the future, between the body and the environment, in order to pick the subtle poetry that settles there.

Her new exhibition, entitled “My Mother’s Dress and My Father’s Pipes”, is comprised of about 25 pieces of one of a kind jewellery, combined with an installation including 55 plaster pipes. This whole piece of work is based on the deconstruction and reconstruction of objects inherited from her family. Thus, the artist starts from the premise that the creative process has the power to transform reality, past, present and future.

“The diversion of objects/memories inherited from my family is a process allowing me to re-invent history — my story, our story. Freed from fetters and prohibitions, the beauty that this great story contains can finally be reclaimed here and now and, as a jewel that one dons, become a source of dignity. It’s a true alchemical process.


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