CPAWS-OV Cafe Scientifique


CPAWS-OV Cafe Scientifique

Date(s) - Monday, September 11
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Fox and Feather Pub

Our Cafe Scientifique is an informal gathering of people to discuss current science, conservation and environmental issues that affect our communities. On the second Monday of each month, we will discuss a different topic related to biology, conservation, wilderness and our place in the environment.

On September 11, 2017 we will highlight the international work of our Conservation Biologist, Elena Kreuzberg. Elena has been working on Road Ecology with CPAWS-OV in the Ottawa Valley as well as in Nepal. Nepal is a small landlocked country, located in South Asia and known to many travellers and adventurers as home to the highest mountain peak, Everest. Most of the country is located in the relatively young, steep Himalaya Mountains; and only on the border with India are relatively flat areas present. Diversity of ecological conditions makes the country very rich in biodiversity, including various and diverse vertebrate fauna (more than 800 bird species, more than 100 mammals, about 100 reptile species, many amphibians and more than 120 freshwater fish species).

Protected areas occupy around 25% of the country’s territory. National parks are a substantial benefit for local economies and the wellbeing of local communities. Due to the growing economic development, there is a need to design and improve the transportation network. However, one of the important questions to consider is how to build sustainable roads, taking into account interests of economic development and environmental and social issues? Connecting wildlife habitat and preserving the charismatic wildlife species are a focus not only to conservation planners, but is a part of road design, construction and operation plans.

Leah Viau will finish the evening with a brief note about CPAWS-OV’s Road Ecology Program.

Meet at the Fox and the Feather Pub on Elgin st, Ottawa from 7:00-9:00pm, order a drink, grab a bite to eat and engage in discussion on Road Ecology.

For more information, to suggest a topic or learn more about this event please contact Jesse at


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