Coppélia: A Comedy with Love


Coppélia: A Comedy with Love

Date(s) - Friday, October 19
7:30 pm

Centrepointe Theatre

Canada’s Ballet Jörgen Presents

Coppélia: A Comedy with Love at Centrepointe Theatre on October 19, 2018


Coppélia is one of the world’s oldest surviving ballets, and is the best known and most performed comedic ballet. Toymaker Dr. Coppélius wishes he can bring a perfect doll to life and creates Coppélia, a stunning, life-sized dancing doll. The story’s beauty and hilarity develop quickly as Nathanael, one of the local villagers, falls madly in love with the doll. His sweetheart Klara is jealous, and exacts revenge by pretending to be Coppélia to punish Nathanael.

Choreographed by Bengt Jörgen and set to the original score by Leo Delibes, Canada’s Ballet Jörgen’s (CBJ) production of Coppélia: A Comedy with Love originally premiered in 2001 and is an international co-production between CBJ and The Hong Kong Ballet.

Emotional and captivating, Coppélia: A Comedy with Love is one of the best balletic representations of fantastical storytelling the world over. Ballet Jörgen’s retelling of the story will delight audiences of all ages.

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