Boquerón – Bolivia | Latin American Film Festival


Date(s) - Saturday, April 29
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

River Building, Carleton University

dir. Tonchy Antezana
Bolivia, 2015, 90 minutes

Spanish, with English sub-titles

21st Latin American Film Festival
River Building Theatre, Carleton University, Saturday, April 29, 2017, 9:00 pm

In present-day La Paz, a young man travels to the funeral of his grandfather, where he is given a diary describing the deceased’s experiences fighting in the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay from 1932 to 1935. On the bus home, he reads the diary, and is drawn back to the battle of Boquerón, following the stories of four Bolivian soldiers. Each is drawn from a different part of Bolivia’s strict social hierarchy of the time. Their different experiences are narrated in the context of the chaos and the cruelties of war.

Boquerón was the war’s first major battle, fought in September 1932 at a fort where 600 Bolivian soldiers held back the Paraguayan advance of over 12,000 troops. Years in the making, and directed by one of Bolivia’s finest filmmakers, BOQUERON is the first Bolivian motion picture about the Chaco War. Powerful.


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