April (un)told: Missed Connections Edition!


Date(s) - Monday, April 24
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Peter Divine's

MONDAY, APRIL 24th, 7:00PM
Peter Divine’s (still part of Heart & Crown, at 73 Clarence)

(un)told: a monthly night of original stories told live with three rules: stories are true, told in 5 minutes, and based on the teller’s first-hand experience.

Join us April 24th for (un)told: Missed Connections edition!


A stranger on the train. The bus that pulled away as you arrived, a moment too late, that Very Important Morning. A wrong turn. The crucial memo that never made it to your manager. The intensely coveted item that never made it to your shopping bag. The text with no reply.

(un)told: Missed Connections edition is for stories about the time when something that might have happened, didn’t – and how you dealt. We’ve all been there! To sign up to tell about your missed connection on April 24th, send us your pitch via FB or email (untold.ottawa@gmail.com).

No story? No problem – just sit back and enjoy the sweet mix of spontaneity, humour, and occasional outrageousness that makes (un)told so special.

Admission is free.

*note venue change: Peter Divine’s (still part of Heart & Crown), 73 Clarence, 7p.m.*

(un)told is a volunteer-run event presented by Ottawa StoryTellerswww.ottawastorytellers.ca

(un)told website: www.untoldottawa.com
email: untold.ottawa@gmail.com


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