This map is centered on Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa. You can click and drag this map to explore Ottawa. Click and drag this map to explore Ottawa.

Featured Listings

  • MintoMinto Suite Hotel
    Located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, stay at their famous 4 Diamond Hotel Suite. Special packages are available, visit their website for more information.

More Ottawa maps

  • Google Maps
    The best free online map service out there, in our opinion. Click & drag to move the map across the city. One cool feature is the option to see your map as a satellite image. Get detailed directions to your destination. And lots of plug-ins and mash-ups available too.
  • MapQuest
    The granddaddy of all online maps, this one lets you plug in any address, and it gives you a click-and-zoom map to help you find where you’re going. Pretty good driving directions, too.
  • eMaps Interactive Web mapping
    To use this map, you need to download a plug-in, but it’s well worth it. This interactive map lets you choose different layers. Each layer presents different information about the city: water hydrants, garbage collection zones, water pipes, and more. If you’ve ever played SimCity, it’s a real-life version of the maps available in that game.
  • City of Ottawa Interactive Travel Map
    Built on Google Maps, you can view a variety of information overlays, such as construction zones, “incidents” (is that accidents or other significant traffic delays?), park-and-ride lots, and more.
  • OC Transpo Routes
    Quick! How do I get from Orleans to Barrhaven on the bus? This map shows you how — it’s an online version of the maps you find in bus stations across the city. Next, you’ll want to check out the bus schedules.
    More on transit & buses: OC Transpo Guide…
  • Ottawa Neighbourhoods
    A Google Maps overlay showing all of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods. Useful … and colourful too!
  • Ottawa Cycling maps…
    Check out OttawaStart’s listing of local cycling routes.
  • Gatineau Maps
    A useful tool from Gatineau (our Quebec neighbours).

Even more local maps, etc.

Provincial, national, international

  • Land Information Ontario
    It lacks a catchy name, but that’s about it. It’s your source for “geospatial metadata” about Ontario. You can also see a database of all of Ontario’s roads, and information about land ownership and property assessment. Some data is free, but you’ll have to pay for other information.
  • Official Road Map of Ontario
    From the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, this is the real deal: the full highway map of the province of Ontario. To zoom in quick to the Ottawa area, click here (PDF).
  • The Atlas of Canada
    Dozens of real time maps with information you never knew existed: Forest fires, People aged 75 or older, Sewage treatment, How often people see a dentist, and many more maps to waste your time.
  • Centre for Topographic Information
    Based here in Ottawa, Natural Resources Canada is the agency in charge of collecting data for Canadian Maps. Among other services, the centre also offers an aerial photography archive.
  • National Geographic MapMachine
    Find nearly any place on Earth, and view it by population, climate, and much more. Plus, browse antique maps, find country facts, or plan your next outdoor adventure with trail maps.