Coming this fall to Starr gymnastics


FALL SESSION begins Sept 13th! 

After a warm summer, it’s time to jump back in to an exciting session of gymnastics. Join your favourite coaches, meet new friends and get back in shape on the trampolines. Remember that we have something for every age, from babies to adults!

Our Fall Registration is now OPEN and classes begin on Sunday, September 13th.

If you have not yet registered for your favorite spot, it’s time to give us a call at 613-721- 4868 or visit us online at

We are looking forward to another amazing year with you and your family!

NEW THIS FALL – INTRODUCING “ROCKIN’ ROCKETS” (for 18 months to 2 yr olds) !

We read the surveys and we know this was a common theme:

“My little one has done Tiny Twinklers and is ready for more of a challenge, but the Mini Moons has a huge age range and is too much of a step… what can we do?”

Good News! We have created a program to bridge the gap between Tiny Twinklers and Mini Moons – please welcome the Rockin’ Rockets! This new program is for little ones aged 18 months to 2 years old and it will feature more skills and progressions than the Twinklers, but less structure than the Mini Moons. All the games will keep you moving, the obstacle courses will challenge your little one and you will be amazed at what your child can achieve.

For more information, scheduling or registration, please visit today!



1. Classic (Artistic) Gymnastics

This is the program you know and love. You would have called it “Instructional” before. We have revamped our curriculum and we are introducing some new events, skills and ways to improve faster at those skills you love! If you like doing everything from Beam to Trampoline and everything in between, this is where you want to be.

2. Trampoline & Tumbling

Can you guess what you might be doing in this program? It’s all about speed, power and high flying tricks. The program focuses on Trampoline skills, Mini Trampoline, Tumble Trak, and Tumbling on the floor.

3. Gym Fusion

That’s right, it’s back! Our European inspired Dance/Gymnastics combo platter that has everything from floor balances, to team choreography to loud pumping music and engaging end of session routines. If you love Dance and Gymnastics, you will LOVE Gym Fusion!

4. Free-G

(Freestyle Gymnastics) – To say that we are fired up about this program would be an understatement! You have probably seen people ninja-flipping off walls, springing on, over and through playground equipment and lighting up the neighbourhoods with amazing twisting tricks. Well, all of those urban gymnasts have to start somewhere, so if you have a parkour, tricking or free-running enthusiast, they will fit right in to our very own FREE-G. It stands for Freestyle Gymnastics and it takes the rules away from traditional gymnastics while adding fluid movement, intense combinations and new ways to jump, land and move through space.

For information on any of our new programs, please visit – Register today!


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