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Ottawa – A new era for pedestrian traffic in Ottawa began today. Councillor Keith Egli, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee and Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson helped unveil and demonstrate Ottawa’s first pedestrian crossover on The Parkway, in front of Earl of March Secondary School.

Pedestrian crossovers are road crossings installed on streets with low and medium traffic and at many single lane roundabouts. They are new in Ottawa and they are marked with unique signage and pavement markings. In some cases, but not always, they may also have pedestrian-activated flashing beacons.

The City has installed 46 crossovers in recent weeks, most of which will be uncovered and activated over the next two weeks.  Additional sites will be activated by the end of August.  A list and map of the sites is available on Up to an additional 60 will be installed in each of the next two years.

“These new pedestrian crossovers will make it easier and safer for many Ottawa residents to walk around their own neighbourhoods,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “Motorists and Cyclists should be aware that when they see the pedestrian crossover sign, pedestrians have the right of way. Period.”

It is important that everyone understands the rules around the new pedestrian crossovers.

Drivers and cyclists riding with traffic

  • Watch for and prepare to stop at pedestrian crossovers
  • Wait until the pedestrian has completely crossed the road before proceeding

Pedestrians and cyclists using crossovers

  • Indicate that you want to cross and ensure drivers see you before you enter the road
  • Cross only when traffic has come to a complete stop and it is safe to do so
  • Cyclists must dismount and walk your bike across the road


At roundabouts where pedestrian crossovers are installed, pedestrians will now have the right of way over vehicles. Drivers must stop for pedestrians and wait until the pedestrian has completely crossed the lane of travel (between curb and median/splitter island).


Drivers and cyclists will be fined $150 to $500 with three demerit points for offences at pedestrian crossovers.

“As long as drivers, pedestrians and cyclists understand the rules and respect each other, then everyone can get around the City more safely than ever,” said Councillor Egli. “This new infrastructure is only the beginning of a new era of pedestrian safety in Ottawa.”

For more information about pedestrian crossovers visit

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