City picks 20 new sites for red light cameras


The city will install red light cameras at 20 new locations by the end of 2017 in an effort to reduce red light running.

The 20 locations were selected based on collision data between 2012 and 2015 at every signalized intersection in the city. Criteria was based the number of collisions caused by red light running over the data period.

The locations are:

  • Arlington Avenue at Kent Street.
  • Aviation Parkway at Montreal Road.
  • Bank Street at Riverside Drive South.
  • Bay Street at Slater Street.
  • Bronson Avenue at Powell Avenue.
  • Catherine Street at Kent Street.
  • Cedarview Road at Fallowfield Road.
  • Coldrey Avenue at Kirkwood Avenue.
  • Elgin Street at Slater Street.
  • Gladstone Avenue at Rochester Street.
  • Hawthorne Road at Leitrim Road.
  • The entrance to Canadian Tire on Heron Road near Bank Street.
  • Hog’s Back Road at Prince of Wales Drive.
  • Innes Road at Orleans Boulevard.
  • Lyon Street at Slater Street.
  • Murray Street at Sussex Drive.
  • Old Tenth Line Road at St. Joseph Boulevard.
  • Joseph Boulevard at Tenth Line Road.
  • Tenth Line Road at Vanguard Drive.
  • Walkley Road at Glenhaven Private.

The city says the cameras improve safety for all road users, but admitted there is a tradeoff.

“Studies have shown that the installation of a red light camera does reduce the incidents of right angle collisions, however they can increase rear-end collisions which are typically less severe,” wrote John Manconi, the city’s general manager of transportation services, in a memo.

Manconi wrote that designs for the intersections are still being drawn up and some will be installed as early as this spring. There will be a total of 54 cameras across the city when installation is completed by the end of 2017.

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