Christmas Light Displays (2015) – Parliament Hill, Taffy Lane and much more


Please note: This is the old, out-of-date list for 2015. You should check out instead: 


Patrimoine canadien/Canadian Heritage

Patrimoine canadien/Canadian Heritage

Christmas Light Map

Can you help?  Some listings on this map are from 2014 and labelled as “unconfirmed” for 2015.  If you’re the owner of one of these locations, or if you’ve seen other great Christmas light displays up, please let us know at or leave a comment below. Click on any marker for a description, photo, and directions.

Here’s our a list and map of large-scale Chirstmas light displays in and around Ottawa, including downtown, Parliament Hill, Taffy Lane and many, many more.

Christmas Lights Across Canada

  • From Wednesday, December 2 until Thursday, January 7 – 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm
  • This season marks the 31st edition of Christmas Lights Across Canada.
  • Notable updates this year include an increase of 100,000 lightsincluding a new location on MacKenzie Avenue, and a winter lightscape projection show that will be presented on Parliament buildings every night from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. throughout the Christmas Lights period. More info…

Taffy Lane in Orleans

  • This street has a well-deserved reputation across Ottawa as having the best neighbourhood light display. There must be a (Santa) clause in every agreement of purchase and sale that home owners must put up an elaborate light display. map/directions. (See also: Photos of Taffy Lane)
  • Belcourt Boulevard in Orleans: There are several houses that are over the top. Only a few minutes away from Taffy Lane, just South of St. Joseph. map/directions

Vintage Village of Lights @ Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

  • Opening weekend: Sunday, November 29 from 3 pm to 8 pm 
  • Fridays, Saturday and Sundays in December from 3pm to 8 pm until December 20.
  • More than 30,000 lights light up each night.  Tour the village by horse-drawn wagon ride, learn the history of letters to Santa, decorate gingerbread cookies, enjoy activities like street hockey and sledding. More info…

Alight at Night Festival at Upper Canada Village

  • Over a half-a-million lights adorn the heritage buildings, trees and fences of Upper Canada Village creating a one-of-a-kind magical backdrop for its annual festival. Open select nights from December 4, 2015 to January 2, 2015. More info…


OttawaStart Staff


6 Responses

  1. Judy Germundson says:

    We get quite a few people coming by our display every year. You can view it on our Facebook page. Hopefully, you can add it to the above list. Belcourt Blvd is 2 streets away, and Taffy Lane is on the other side of the highway!! Many thanks for your consideration.

  2. anastasia turner says:

    Barran St. has a bunch of beautiful lights. one in particular is right in the middle of the street and the whole large house if filled with lights.

  3. anastasia turner says:

    46 Raftus Sq has a large amount of really big blow up figures filling the entire lawn.

  4. Shayna Keces says:

    The bottom half of Newbury Ave near Beliveau has a few houses with nice lights but one in particular has a spectacular display including reindeers, swans and santas. They seem to add more every year

  5. Mark says:

    I’m sorry to report that the high winds on Christmas Eve have damaged The Lights of Markland and the show is finished for the year. No one is more disappointed than I about what happened, but it’s the second time this season that wind has been unusually high and the light tree and arches had a hard time coping with it this year.

  6. Kristie Lajeunesse says:

    When do the lights turn off on Taffy Lane. Before New Years Eve or after.

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