Change the World Youth Volunteer Challenge


This provincially funded program is designed for youth aged 14 to 18 to volunteer during a six week period.

For Youth

There are three ways to partake:

1) Visit our website.  We post volunteering opportunities for youth by organizations across the city for the six week campaign.  Visit our postings here: 

2) Plan your own event.  Do you belong to a high school, community center or another location that has a lot of youth?  Let us know what you’re planning, how many people participated and the number of volunteer hours raised.

3) Do you already volunteer on your own frequently, but want to participate in the program? Keep track of your hours during the campaign and submit them to us.  Everyone that submits their hours will receive a Change the World certificate and can win some prizes.

For Organizations:

Do you have an event that falls under the Change the Wold time frame and want your event listed on our website?  Send us this information.

Event Name:

Description of Event and volunteer duties:

Event organizer (or volunteer coordinator) name and contact info:

Time and date of the event:


Link for more info (if applicable):


 Contact us with any questions:

Eric Shirley



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