Andrew King uncovers a shipwreck in the Ottawa River


UPDATE (JANUARY 25, 2014): Mystery revealed! Andrew has uncovered the name and the history of this ship. You can read about it here…

Just before noon today, Andrew King sent me an email:

“It’s not the beer train under Lebreton flats, but I have found something on Google Maps that could be very interesting. I am going into the field to check it out and confirm what I think may be a sunken 1800-1900s shipwreck on the shores of the Ottawa River. I was hoping Ottawastart can maybe help spread the word and this mysterious shipwreck can be identified or we can learn more about it from whoever sees the postings.”

Then, just after lunch, I received another email, subject line: “DISCOVERED”:

“Holy … Found it!! Incredible!!!! Just back from the field after going on board and taking tons of pics. Simply amazing this exists within the city limits and no one really knows about it. I expected nothing, maybe some wood sticking out of water…the entire half of the hull is intact and it still has original paint on it in places….interesting. By first glance at construction and iron fasteners I would place it around turn of the 19th century. Just amazing to find.”

For now, King is keeping the location a secret so that it remains undisturbed. Here’s a series of photos and notes he posted earlier tonight to Twitter. Do you know anything about this boat? Send me a note at and I’ll pass it on to Andrew.

Glen Gower

Glen is the owner and founder of He lives in Stittsville, one of Ottawa's most exciting suburbs.


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  1. This is a great place to paddle to from Ottawa or Gatineau, directly across from Rideau Falls in a bay that has an island and flower pot like structures built of riveted sheet metal that were likely used to chain log booms to. You can also reach it by bicycle along the bike path from Ottawa. After passing through Parc Jacques-Cartier, you can ride along the bike trail beside Fournier Blvd. As

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yup… Located in Parc Ecologic Du Lac Leamy. Seen this hundreds of times really haunting, but the area that is is located in is simply stunning.

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