Andrew King does some research into the bones found at Queen & Elgin


Update: David Reevely has a bit more about the “Queen Street boneyard” on his blog.

Work on Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit tunnel came to halt yesterday after workers found bones underground.

This morning, local history buff Andrew King went to work, scouring Google for old maps and documents that might give some clues about where the bones came from. Here’s what he discovered.

So, not conclusive but highly likely that the bones found are pretty old. Nice work Mr. King.

Andrew King

Andrew King is a local artist, explorer and storyteller. He's a frequent contributor to and has a great blog about local history called Ottawa Rewind:


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  1. neeroc says:

    They talk about that graveyard on the Ottawa Haunted Walk (they start at Elgin and Sparks). The story they told was that when the bones were dug up they were moved ("dumped") to MacDonald Gardens. First thaw, and the bones started poking up in the middle of the park. So they dumped a huge mound aka hill of dirt on the bones, and then built a gazebo on top *g* http://

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