Adoption Drive for Rescued Felines Looking for Caring Homes


We have many lovely kittens and mature felines that are ready for adoption and looking for a second chance in life.  These felines have had terrible pasts and have been rescued, brought back to health and are now ready to give all of their appreciation, love and affection to a new, caring family that will give them the life they deserve.

If you think that you could provide a permanent home to show these little creatures that somebody does love them and cares then please email with your phone number so we can help you look for the perfect companion from our rescued felines.  This is a registered, non profit rescue and an adoption fee applies to help with the ongoing care and health care these little felines have had and still have.

There are many kittens now that are of age for adoption also.  These little ones get to start a fresh life without the trama they could have been through.

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