A teacher at Broadview Public School needs your help to win a $5k classroom makeover


UPDATE June 1: Mlle Coughtrey’s classroom got the most votes (5,373), and wins the prize. Thanks to all of our readers who voted.

Karen Coughtrey, a Grade 1 teacher at Broadview Public School in Ottawa, is one of ten finalists in a contest for a make-over of her classroom.  She’s competing with ten other teachers to win $5,000 of new classroom equipment from Wintergreen.

You may have heard about the poor condition of Broadview (see here for a recap).  Coughtrey’s class is in the basement and she says her classroom is in dire need of help.  This is how she describes it:

“There are many insect friends who visit us regularly and … there have been a mouse or too as well… Things would not be so bad if not combined with the peeling paint on every wall, the dusty asbestos wrapped pipes running everywhere above us and the mismatched desks, some too small for even my smallest students… some shelves are too high for me to reach on even my tallest chair and several shelves in the low bookcases are broken… This is a room badly in need of help.”

I think Karen Coughtrey’s Grade 1 class deserves something better. If you agree, click here to vote for Karen and her classroom.

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2 Responses

  1. neeroc says:

    Considering it has been reported that they've been granted a complete rebuild of this school, it seems like this money would be better used if it went to a different school. Spending $5K here just to have it torn down seems wasteful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The school will not be rebuilt anytime soon. Nor will anything this prize grants go to waste. Any furniture and room decor won can be easily moved to the new school should one ever get built. There are no other Ottawa schools in the running and the room is as deserving as any other finalist. I see no good reason not to give it your support.

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