A Mighty Wind: Stories, photos and more from today’s wind storm


(That’s Barrhaven resident Richard Henry.  First a water ban, now this! Video by Mike Carroccetto.)

I’m counting myself lucky – the only damage we had from today’s wind was a toppled barbecue and a vanishing blue box.  That’s nothing, when you hear stories about people being crushed by trees, old ladies being literally knocked over by the wind, fires, damaged roofs, and downed power lines and hydro outages all over the city.

Here are some photos and stories from people around Ottawa and Gatineau.

And then there were two.  Photo by Ben Wood.  (At Woodroffe & Meadowlands.)
The Ottawa airport reported gusts of up to 95km/h … Nikolas Charlebois reported seeing a trampoline in the middle of Highway 50 in Gatineau near Boul. Montee Paimenet.  Steph Kersey dodged a pair of 25-pound flower pots flying through the air … Bob Ledrew says the wind smashed a glass door and left a gaping hole at the Bridgehead on Sparks Street … Kitchissippi Times reported the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Hintonburg lost part of its roof … Report of the “E” on the EDC building downtown flying off and hitting a cab … the Ottawa Fire Department reported a horse was killed by “energized steel gate from downed power lines”… Kevin Waghorn found his carport across the street among the trees…
Breaking news.  Photo by Robert Janelle.
1729 Bank Street. Photo by Aydin Mirzaee.
One of many toppled trees along Island Park Drive.  Photo by Mary McGuire.

On Hamilton Street, photo by Lisa Georges / Kitchissippi Times.

Paul Burke’s car may have just lost some of its re-sale value.

Woodroffe Avenue near the Parkway.  Photo courtesy of QUOI Media.

Nightmare on Elm Street. Photo by Nik Maack.
What used to be Sasha’s garden shed.
Photo by Coreen Tyers.
“When I left this morning, the sled was in the yard. When I got home, it was across the road in the ditch!” Photo by Nicki-Lynn McIlree.
A tree on @deleria’s street.
Talk about #ottawablows.  Photo by Elaine Morgan.

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