A history of one-room school houses in the Ottawa valley


Just got an email about an interesting new book and website about one-room schoolhouses in Ottawa. (Like the one pictured above — which is now home to the Cheshire Cat pub near Carp.)

I am writing on behalf of local author Joy Forbes, who recently published her book, “Perseverance, Pranks and Pride – Tales of the One-Room Schoolhouse”. It is a collection of 75 stories from English- and French-speaking individuals who attended or taught in local one-room schoolhouses, capturing the fascinating history of our rural education system.

There are also many school photos and descriptions as well as details of memorabilia which until now have remained undocumented. Contributors of note include Larry Robinson of the Montreal Canadiens, Graham Ritchie of Ritchie’s Feed and Seed, as well as the well-known local author, Mary Cook, who was also gracious enough to compose a very flattering preface.

The book’s website is www.oneroomschoolhouses.ca; there are several sample stories there, as well as lots of information and photos of the schools in the area.

A great idea for the history buff or long-time Ottawa Valley resident on your gift list this season.

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  1. William H says:

    Thanks for your support Glen. Working with Joy over the past year or so has been great fun, and I&#39;m hooked on the history of these enchanting establishments of our region&#39;s educational past.<br /><br />Maybe some of your readers could share their own experiences in one room schools.<br /><br />Will Humphries <br /><br />(Perseverance, Pranks and Pride editor/web designer/acting executive

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