A few photos from Winterlude today


Earlier this month Samsung sent OttawaStart a Samsung Galaxy Camera.  Ours to keep, as long as we snap some photos at Winterlude and share them with our readers.  Here are some of my pics from a quick one-hour visit to Winterlude downtown today.  (There are more Winterlude photos in the OttawaStart Flickr Group too.)

I saw lots of photographers on bridges taking shots like this.

Rideau Canal Skateway

This is going to be the most-photographed display at Winterlude this year. Everybody was taking a pic of it.

Everybody was taking a photo of this

This was kind of funny.  A “Warm-Up Zone” at City Hall, next to the Rink of Dreams.  Those are outdoor space heaters that people are standing under.

A "Warm-Up" zone, complete with heaters

Ice Hog key chain souvenirs.

Miniature Ice Hog souvenir

The ultimate Ottawa Beavertail would be a Bridgehead-coffee soaked pastry, fried in Beau’s batter wrapped around a Schwarma with cheese curds on the side.

BeaverTails hut at Confederation Park

This is a butterfly.  Anybody have tips for how to take good photos of ice sculptures?

Butterfly ice sculptuer

Kids were creating their own sculptures using coloured bits of snow.  Cool.

Kids make their own sculpture using coloured snow

The Korean displays at Confederation Park added a lot of life and colour to the space.

Korean-Canadian display at Confederation Park

Here’s another one.

Korean-Canadian display at Confederation Park

Obligatory NCC safety sign.

Safety first

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