A blog about the Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge


Most web marketing experts will tell you that the secret to a successful blog is to narrow your focus. Find a niche that nobody else is writing about, and write about it.

So how’s this for focus: A blog that’s devoted to the Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge. Dozens of photos, posted almost every day, with archives going back to July 2005. It’s written by Charles Akben-Marchand, a University of Ottawa student who walks by the bridge on a regular basis.

Not sure how much longer the blog will be updated though — the bridge opened last week.

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  1. RealGrouchy says:

    I <a href="http://www.safecycling.ca/about/board.html">bike to</a> (and now over) the bridge, not walk.<br /><br />I’ve got some more photos to update still, and will probably take a few photos here and there as the seasons progress.<br /><br />There will also be a post with photos of the official opening for the spring.<br /><br />- Charles.

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