26 Essential Ottawa Blogs – The 2011 Edition


NOTE: There’s a more recent “Essential Ottawa Blogs” list published in December 2013.  Click here to check it out…


It’s been about 18 months since I published the first list of essential Ottawa blogs, and this update is long overdue.  I have a few hundred local blogs on my Google Reader list, and more great ones keep popping up every week. (And some, sadly, have ceased publishing.  I’m particularly missing the short-lived Ottawa Ephemera.)

In any case, it’s high time to get back up to date.  Here are 26 great local blogs that you must bookmark or add to your feed reader and read on a regular basis.  There’s no set criteria for this list, just that they’re all written by bloggers who write passionately (and frequently) with a focus on our fine city.  (Your suggestions are welcome – add a comment below.)

  1. Apartment613
    An eclectic batch of local writers cover local politics, culture, arts, food and more.  A force to be reckoned with.
  2. a peek inside the fishbowl 
    Andrea Tomkins gives us a glimpse into the life of her family in Westboro.  Insightful, interesting and informative.
  3. Guide Gatineau
    Charles Hodgson says his blog is “for people who love Gatineau Park”.  And who in Ottawa doesn’t love Gatineau Park?
  4. Greater Ottawa
    Written by the Ottawa Citizen’s David Reevely, the Dean of Ottawa Bloggers.  He always has a fresh take on local issues. 
  5. Green Living Ottawa
    This one’s a must-read if you care about our planet.  Created by Alette Willis, a former Ottawa resident who now lives in Edinburgh, but gets a lot of help from local writers, especially Denise Deby.
  6. Knitnut.net
    Written by Zoom!, she lets you “watch her life unravel”. Compelling and usually darn funny too.
  7. Le Mien
    One hundred photos of one hundred strangers, as taken by Kym Shumsky.  Features interesting people and great pics.
  8. Local Tourist Ottawa
    A new-ish blog featuring guest posts from a fast-growing roster of contributors who want to motivate you to get out and enjoy our city. I’ve learned a few new things even though I’ve lived in Ottawa for over 30 years.  Created by Jessey Bird and Amy Husser.
  9. The Mindful Merchant
    Laura Kotick offers tips on how you can “shop, eat, live … locally.”  She writes about healthy and eco-friendly products and services in our city (and beyond).
  10. Modern Ottawa
    Written by interior designer Marie-Judith Jean-Louis, who explores Ottawa through the city’s architecture and design.  And she knows what she’s talking about too — she’s an interior designer with a background in building engineering.
  11. National Capital Rock
    Instead of reviews of alternative/independent rock shows, Andrew Carver posts amazing pictures. And lots of ’em.
  12. The O-Dot
    Ottawa satire in the style of The Onion. I know Tommy Talker’s true identity but have been sworn to secrecy.
  13. Omnivore’s Ottawa
    This blog by Ottawa Citizen food writer Ron Eade may make you very, very hungry.  (One of dozens and dozens of very good local food blogs in this city.)
  14. OttawaStart Blog
    Yes, this is our blog. Hope you like it. Written by me, Glen Gower.  Features cool, interesting, and unusual Ottawa stories and photos.
  15. Outdoor Ottawa
    There aren’t many cities that enjoy all four seasons as thoroughly as we do in Ottawa.  This blog is published by Dave Woodbridge and covers absolutely everything that you can do in the great outdoors.
  16. Postcards from the Mothership
    Dani Donders writes about life with her family in Manotick. Writes a popular yearly post about  Christmas parades, and takes a lot of photos.
  17. Public Transit In Ottawa
    A must-read for OC Transpo riders and groupies alike.  Written by Peter Raaymakers, who holds the distinction of being the only person to have two blogs on this list — his other one is #18 on this list.
  18. Silver Seven
    The second blog on this list by Peter Raaymakers (see #17 above), this one covers the Sens.  I like the nod to our city’s hockey history in the title, and I like the almost-daily round-up of Sens news in the mainstream and not-so-mainstream press. 
  19. Singing Moon
    A photo blog by the mysterious Coyote featuring unexpected shots of the usual downtown scenery.
  20. Spacing Ottawa
    A blog about the intersection of people, geography and history in urban Ottawa. Edited by Evan Thornton.
  21. Sun & The City
    The Ottawa Sun’s blog about city politics, written by insiders Jon Willing and Sue Sherring.
  22. The $10 Life
    Rose Simpson, who writes every day about local issues. Rose has some serious local cred too – she was once a columnist with the Ottawa Journal.
  23. URBSite
    In each post, Robert Smythe does an in depth study of a very specific feature of Ottawa’s urban landscape.
  24. Wattawa Life
    Big, beautiful, gorgeous photos of Ottawa, posted just about every day.  Photographer Robin Kelsey documents his daily life in the Centretown and Chinatown area.
  25. Weighty Matters
    By Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, a family medical doctor and the founder of Ottawa’s Bariatric Medical Institute
  26. West Side Action
    Eric Darwin, a resident of the Preston/Somerset area, writes mostly about development issues affecting his area just west of downtown.
Later this week: Another 30 or so great Ottawa blogs for your perusal.

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Glen Gower

Glen is the owner and founder of OttawaStart.com. He lives in Stittsville, one of Ottawa's most exciting suburbs.


16 Responses

  1. DaniGirl says:

    I'm delighted to be included in such good company. Thank you — and thanks for the new fodder for my reader, too! 🙂

  2. Mr. G says:

    I still think G should go out of his feed reader more often. He could be amazed by ther ton of great blogs written in the region that are not taken into account.<br /><br />Walk out of your closet…

  3. Laura says:

    I&#39;m not sure what excites me more…the honour of being included on this list…or the fact that you know the REAL identity of Tommy Talker! Cool. I updated my reader. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am speechless. Thanks!<br /><br />Rose Simpson

  5. robin says:

    I am deeply honoured.

  6. John says:

    Great list! <br />But the only problem with learning about Ottawa blogs I didn&#39;t yet know about is that I&#39;ll spend more time reading than doing other things- like laundry or shovelling snow, for example.<br />Oh well.

  7. So many great reads in Ottawa… This is an excellent list, thank you!!

  8. zoom says:

    Excellent list, and thanks for including me on it, Glen. There are even a couple of blogs on here that are new to me, which I&#39;m going to go read right now.

  9. I would include to this list Free Form Fitness&#39;s blog, I&#39;ve been reading it for 3 years<br />and they have great motivating information and a huge following on Twitter and Facebook<br />where they give more tips.

  10. #24 (formerly) Wattawa Life seems to have relocated to Peterborough. You have space for one more! Thanks for these. Great compilation.

  11. MS says:

    Ottawa Start should do a 2012 edition before end of year. I&#39;d love to see VanierNow on the list!

  12. Thanks for the list, these are quite cool.

  13. Lark says:

    Great list! Thanks.

  14. Julia Kent says:

    The Domestic Blonde (www.thedomesticblonde.com) should be added 😉

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